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Xiang Learning Research Team of Xiangtan University 

    The study of Xiang Learning is the most characteristic research orientation in Biquan Academy of Xiangtan University. In 2001,the Xiang Learning Institute of Xiangtan University was established under the initiative and guidance of Professor Fang Keli, President of the graduate school of  Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, and this is the first research institution of Xiang Learning in China. Professor Fang Keli was the first director and the current director of the Xiang Learning Institute is Professor Chen Daixiang, dean of Biquan Academy.

    Now this team has 14 full-time researchers, including 8 professors and 6 associate professors and 7 part-time researchers. It has developed into a professional, well-structured and innovative research team. With the study of the Xiang Learning as its characteristic and emphasis, the discipline of philosophy  has successively applied for and been granted the right to confer doctorate of Chinese philosophy, and the right to confer doctor's degree and master's degree of the first level discipline of philosophy and meanwhile it was approved as one of the provincial key discipline of philosophy in Hunan Province during the 10th ,11th and 12th five-year plan period.

    The team has advanced the research on Xiang Learning in all aspects and closely linked it with Chinese traditional culture with plentiful and substantial research results. Journal of Xiang Learning  has been published in succession. In addition, the iconic work, Learning Case of Huxiang (VolumeⅠ, Ⅱ and Ⅲ) and  A history of Xiang Learning (VolumeⅠ andⅡ), have been published. These two publications won the first prize and the second prize respectively in the 10th and 13th Excellent Achievements Award of Philosophy and Social Science in Hunan Province.

    Xiangtan is the birthplace of Huxiang school, and Biquan Academy is an important position for the development of Xiang Learning. Biquan Academy of Xiangtan University is an innovative teaching and research institution with traditional college education and modern university education fused together. The Xiang Learning research team represented by Professor Chen Daixiang, is actively promoting various construction work of Biquan Academy. It will surely make new contributions to the cooperation between the university and the local region and the construction of a strong cultural province.    

(Source: Biquan Academy)

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