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Logics Research Team of Xiangtan University

The logics research of Xiangtan University has a long history. After years of construction, it has developed into a discipline with a clear and distinctive research orientation, a stable and reasonably structured research team, and prominent and influential research achievements. At present, this discipline has formed a research team led by Professor Zou Chongli, a doctoral supervisor, an executive director of the Chinese Academy of Logics, and a rating expert on philosophy discipline of the National Social Science Foundation, and by Professor Wang Xiangqing, a doctoral supervisor, also an executive director of the Chinese Academy of Logics, and a member of the Teaching Steering Committee of Philosophy Discipline under the Ministry of Education. This team has a group of young scholars with certain academic influence as the fresh troops, namely, Chen Xiaohua, Shi Yunbao, and Yao Congjun. Two of the team members are respectively a discipline leader of Hunan Province and an expert enjoying the outstanding contribution allowance granted by the State Council of China. In this research team, one of the team members there are three professors, one associate professor, one lecturer, five doctoral tutors, four doctoral graduates and one with a master's degree.

The members of the logics research team of Xiangtan University have been working on the basis and application of logics, and have made great efforts to carry out cross-disciplinary scientific research and personnel training. Their research area mainly includes logical foundation studies, cross-over study of logics, language and computation, the study of philosophical logics, the study of logical philosophy, and the study of logical history, etc. So far, they have presided over 45 logical subjects including 2 major projects subsidized by the National Social Science Foundation, 6 general projects of the National Social Science Foundation and more than 20 logic projects at provincial or ministerial level. Up to now, 13 works and teaching materials of logics in total have been published by the research team, and over 100 academic papers on logics have been published in the CSSCI source journals. Their research achievements have won more than 10 awards including Jin Yuelin Award and He Lin Award. And a large number of talents have been cultivated in the field of logics.

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