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The research team of "Welding Robot and Automation" of Xiangtan University

Under the leadership of Professor Hong Bo, the research team of "Welding Robot and Automation" of Xiangtan University has been devoted to the research of welding equipment and intelligence direction for a long time, and has made great efforts to realize the industrialization of high technology, in order to meet the need for intelligent welding robot capable of seam automatic tracking in various industries at present and improve the degree of automation in Chinese manufacturing.

The main research directions of the team include: robot welding seam tracking system based on rotating arc sensor, robot weld seam tracking system based on laser vision sensor, robot weld seam tracking system based on swinging arc sensor, vertical welding robot based on swinging arc sensor, welding seam tracking system based on magnetic arc sensor, etc.Relying on the welding institute of Xiangtan University, the team has established the key laboratory of "welding robot and application technology" in Hunan province, and the Hunan engineering research center of welding automation equipment together with Zhuzhou Tianyi welding technology co., Ltd. The team has also jointly created the graduate training base for welding automation equipment and technology with Hunan Zhigu Welding Technology training Co., Ltd, and a joint graduate training base with Zhongji Group. The team has successfully developed two folding box beam automatic welding production lines for CIMC Group, a welding production line of locomotive side chord beam in cooperation with China Central Car Co . , Ltd ., a intelligent welding line for vertical weld of box girder with Zhuzhou overline bridge Crane Factory, the cooperative scientific research institutions and a gantry welding intelligent tracking welding machine with Hunan Chaoyu co., Ltd..

Professor Hong Bo is currently the head of the team,  chairman of Hunan Welding Society, Deputy Director of the Center for complex trajectory processing Technology and equipment Engineering of the Ministry of Education, Deputy Director of Hunan key Laboratory of Welding Robot and Application Technology, Chief engineer of Hunan Engineering Research Center for "Welding Automation equipment", Deputy Director of key Laboratory of "Intelligent Manufacturing" in Hunan Province. He undertaks projects of National Natural Science Foundation, Hunan province strategic emerging industry combined with innovation platform innovation capacity-building project, Hunan enterprise science and technology experts action plan key projects and all kinds of provincial and ministerial level research projects. The project of "Intelligent Welding seam tracking Technology of rotating Arc Sensor" presided by Professor Hong Bo has been appraised to international advanced level in the world by the Ministry of Science and Technology of the province.Professor Hong Bo has won the Xiangtan city science and technology progress first prize, Hunan province science and technology progress third prize and the Hunan province technology invention third prize. Professor Hong has won 30 items of patent for invention as the first author, 6 patents for utility model. And published more than 70 related scientific papers, most of which were included by EI and ISTP.

Team member introduction

Pan Jiluan, senior consultant of the company, academician of Chinese Academy of Sciences, professor of Tsinghua University, honorary president of Xiangtan University, member of the Academic Degrees Committee of the State Council, chairman of the China Welding Society, vice chairman of China Mechanical Engineering, and vice chairman of the International Welding Society.

Hong Bo, Chairman, Professor of Xiangtan University, Chairman of the Hunan Welding Society, and Deputy Secretary General of Hunan Welding Association. In recent years, it has undertaken 10 related scientific research projects, and successively developed 4 sets of welding robot systems based on different weld seam tracking sensors, obtained 7 invention patents, 6 utility model patents, and 5 invention patents.

Li Xiangwen, general manager, associate professor of Xiangtan University, deputy secretary general of Hunan Welding Association, master's tutor, graduated from Xiangtan University with a master's degree in mechanical and electrical engineering in 2009, and received a doctorate in 2012. He presided over the National Science and Technology Fund and the Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province, and won the third prize of Hunan Province Technology Invention, and a number of national invention patents were authorized. Currently mainly engaged in research on intelligent welding robots and applications.

Li Yi, deputy general manager, associate professor of Xiangtan University, successfully industrialized the national 863 project in Guangdong. The company has annual sales of more than 300 million yuan. He has worked in the company for nearly 10 years, and has held R&D and management positions. Experience; Ph.D. in material processing from Huazhong University of Science and Technology, post-doctoral in vehicle engineering at South China University of Technology; 2 national research projects and 4 participations; item).

Li Gaoyang, deputy general manager, currently works for CIMC Group, and is the quality director and quality assurance department of Xinhui CIMC Container Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Xinhui CIMC Special Transportation Equipment Co., Ltd., and has long been engaged in the production technology management of enterprises. Quality management work, with strong practical experience in enterprise management and team building. Currently, he is pursuing a doctoral degree at the School of Mechanical Engineering of Xiangtan University. His research direction is welding robots and their automation equipment.

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