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团队以智能优化方法的研究为基础,进而开展智能优化方法应用研究,主要包括多目标进化优化方法、计算智能与图像处理、生物信息处理、人体动作识别与数据挖掘、协作及多机器人等。团队目前在研课题包括国家自然科学基金项目6项、省部级项目18项,以及与国家气象局、Keep、企业深度合作的横向项目20余项。近几年,团队出版《多目标进化算法及其应用》《多目标进化优化》等专著,在IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary ComputationEvolutionary Computation以及《计算机学报》等发表学术论文300余篇,其中SCIEI论文100余篇,申请发明专利20余项、授权8项,获湖南省自然科学二等奖1项、科技进步三等奖1项。团队非常注重学生的国际化培养,近五年推荐了10余名毕业研究生前往美国、加拿大、英国、澳大利亚、香港的知名高校继续攻读全额奖学金博士研究生,团队每年都资助多名学生赴国外参加国际学术会议。


Research Team for “Intelligent Optimization and Information Processing” of Xiangtan University

Intelligent optimization algorithm is a stochastic search algorithm that simulates the natural selection and evolution of organisms and often used to solve multi-objective optimization problems in science and engineering. The members of Intelligent Optimization and Information Processing research laboratory is led by Professor JinhuaZheng and Professor Shengxiang Yang (Furong Scholar), Professor Xinwen Jiang, Associate Professor Juan Zou, Associate Professor Wei Zhou, Associate Professor Huanrong Tang, Associate Professor Chunmei He, Dr. Songtao Ye, Dr. LinaiKuang, Dr. Chaodong FanTeacher Qiuzhen Wang and other teachers, as well as more than 50 doctoral students, postgraduate students and undergraduates are included.

Based on the research of intelligent optimization method, the team further carried out the application research about it, including multi-objective evolutionary optimization method, computational intelligence and image processing, biological information processing, human motion recognition and data mining, collaboration and multi-robot, etc. At present, the team is currently hosting 6 projects funded by the national natural science foundation of China, 18 projects funded by the provincial and ministerial level, and more than 20 horizontal projects in deep cooperation with the national meteorological administration or enterprises, like Keep and so on. In recent years, the team has 2 published books, named “Multiobjective Evolutionary Algorithm and Application” and “Multiobjective Evolutionary Optimization”, more than 300 academic papers, including more than 100 SCI and EI papers published on IEEE Transactions on Evolutionary ComputationEvolutionary Computation and computer journal, applied for more than 20 invention patents and 8 authorization, won one second prize in natural science of Hunan province and one third prize in scientific and technological progress. The team attaches great importance to the international cultivation of students. In the past five years, it has recommended more than 10 graduates to continue to study for full scholarship PhDs in famous universities in the United States, Canada, Britain, Australia and Hong Kong. Every year, the team supports many students to attend international academic conferences abroad.

Professor JinhuaZheng was born in December 1963 and received the Ph.D. degree in control theory and control engineering from Central South University in 2000. He is a doctoral supervisor and a member of the academic committee of "Intelligent Optimization and Information Processing" key laboratory of the ministry of education of Xiangtan University and the head of its evolutionary computing research center. As a result of his outstanding contributions in scientific research, discipline construction, talent training and grass-roots service, he was selected as the candidate to enjoy the special allowance of the state council in 2016. Professor Zheng is mainly engaged in the research of evolutionary optimization methods and techniques, and has obtained fruitful research results. He won the second prize of natural science of Hunan province as the first accomplice, and presided over and completed 15 scientific research projects of all levels and types successively (including 4 projects of national natural science foundation of China). Professor Zheng has published more than 170 high-quality papers in authoritative journals of computer science and top international conferences in the field of evolutionary computing at home and abroad. He published two academic monographs in science press, which the earliest monograph "multi-objective evolutionary algorithm and its application" has been cited more than 200 times by Tsinghua university in China, and four application software developed by the national copyright administration have obtained the computer software copyright registration certificate.

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